What is VuFi

VuFi is an algorithmic elastic supply stable coin that aims to introduce more stability in cryptocurrency markets for the average user. This innovative collateral-backed stable coin uses the dollar inflation rate as the target price, which enables traders to hedge their overall portfolio against the wild swings in the global economy.
As the dollar is susceptible to inflation, it reduces the value of every asset during economic slowdowns. This could be stocks, bullion, real estate, futures and commodities, which are all valued in dollars. However, if a trader invests a part of the portfolio into VuFi, he can benefit from the expansion and contraction even when the inflation rates fluctuate. Additionally, the VuFi stable coin can also be used as a store of value when there are major market swings.
We have designed VuFi to serve as a safe haven in a time of great economic turmoil.