To celebrate our upcoming launch we will reward participants with $VUFIS. Earn 20 $VUFIS tokens for joining our community. Get your friends to do the same and receive 20 extra $VUFIS for every new friend that signs up!
if you haven’t had a chance to participate, you can join the party here: https://sweepwidget.com/view/37303-wjahor24
Please make sure you did all steps especially giving your wallet address.

Steps guide

  1. 1.
    Login to the Sweepwidget
2. Click on the button below:
3. Follow us on Twitter
4. Come back to Sweepwidget and click on the next button called "Retweet This Tweet"
5. Like and Retweet the pinned Twitter post and tag 3 friends
6. Click on the below button
7. Open telegram
7. Join our announcement channel and discussion: https://t.me/vufifinancechat
8. Click the link to join VuFi.Finance on Discord.
9. Accept invite
10. Type in your username for discord that joined the channel
11. Leave us your Polygon (Matic) wallet Address (Supported wallets: https://awesomepolygon.com/wallets/)
Don't have a wallet yet here is a tutorial on how to get one:
Make sure you did all steps and final result shows as on screenshot