VuFi Finance

A hybrid algorithmic elastic supply stable coin


Cryptocurrencies are already entering the mainstream. However, to help provide a decentralized stable currency and to help with scepticism concerning the high price volatility of tokens, we introduce VuFi, an algorithmic stable coin.
Powered by the VuFi protocol, the VuFi stable coin adjusts its supply in order to move the price of the coin in the direction of the US Dollar inflation rate. An elastic supply characteristic and programmatic rebasing protocol will further incentivize participants to drive the price of VuFi to its target (peg) price as well as keep the value unaffected by the fluctuations of USD. This will allow us to create a synthetic commodity of a new generation-the first digital asset that is both stable and liquid.
There is no centralized authority controlling any aspect of the VuFi protocol. Everything is decided based on a community voting system, which ensures absolute transparency and fair play.